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Getting Started

The iSoftpull API provides access to read credit report data and allows you to run intelligences. To use any of the APIs, you need to create a Key/Token pair from the API Credentials tab. The API Token is highly sensitive information. Handle it carefully and ensure that anyone else does not get access to the token.

Making a Request

To make a request to the API you need to make a POST call to the our API endpoint. 


The POST call must include the API Key ID and API Secret Access Token in the headers and applicant details in the body.

API Key ID/Token

Two header fields are required in the request.

  • The value of the api-key field must be set to the API Key ID
  • The value of the api-secret field must be set to the API Secret Access Token

Postman Collection

You can test the API using our Postman collection:

  • Download the Postman App or use the Postman Web Version
  • Click on the Import button, click on the Link tab, paste the collection link and click on Continue
  • After importing the collection, you can use any one of the three test applicants
  • Fill in the correct values for api-key and api-secret in the headers tab and click on Send

Applicant Details

The applicant details should be provided in the body of the request

first_nameFirst NameRequired
last_nameLast NameRequired
stateState. Full Name instead of an abbreviation. i.e. 'New York' instead of 'NY'Required
ssnSocial Security Number. No dashes. i.e. '212074628' instead of '212-07-4628'Optional for a soft pull. Required for a hard pull
date_of_birthDate of Birth. Uses mm/dd/yyyy formatOptional for a soft pull. Required for a hard pull

Test Applicants

address981 Wrestlin Way2563 Buccaneer Blvd.10012 Falcon Way
cityStamfordTampa BayAustin

Sample Responses

If all the applicant details are filled out, the API response will contain the reports data and/or the intelligence data depending on the configuration selected when creating the API.

The reports data will contain the status, message and report link for each bureau. The report link will only be included if the report generation was successful.

The intelligence data will contain the result (either "passed" or "no offers matched") and the intelligence name. The intelligence name will only be included if the intelligence result value was "passed".

      "message":"Service Unavailable.",
      "message":"Transunion credit report generation succeeded.",
    "name":"Loan Silver"


Error Handling

If the API doesn't receive all the mandatory applicant details, it will send an error message with a status value of "failure" and a message with the reason for failure
    "status": "failure",
    "message": "Last name can't be blank",

The reports data will contain the status, message and report link for each bureau. If the report fails, it will also contain the field failure_type

The failure type could be error, no-hit or freeze.

The failure_type no-hit refers to the bureau not being able to find an applicant, error refers to a generic error, and freeze refers to the applicant's report being frozen

      "message":"Service Unavailable.",

      "message":"No-hit file is returned – due to state-specific criteria — more identification information is needed",
       "message":"25& 12-28-22 0000000 FILE FROZEN DUE TO FEDERAL LEGISLATION",
    "result":"no offers matched"


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