Are soft pulls less expensive than a hard pull?

Are soft pulls less expensive than a hard pull?

Yes. A soft pull is generally much less expensive than a hard pull. 

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    • Can a soft pull replace a hard pull?

      A soft pull can not replace a hard pull. At the end of the day, when a bank or lender closes on a loan a hard pull still must be done. Whats the point of the soft pull then you may ask? A soft pull is used at the beginning of the sales cycles to ...
    • How accurate are soft pulls?

      The information on a soft pull is the exact same information on a hard pull. There is no difference in the underlying data; the difference is in the intent of the pull. A soft pull is used for pre-qualification, whereas a hard pull is used for ...
    • What information is on a soft pull?

      A pre-qualification soft pull contains the exact same information as a hard pull, its just a soft pull. Data Includes: Credit Score Address History Employment History Tradelines (What information is on a tradeline? Collections Public Records ...
    • Does a soft pull set off trigger leads?

      No. That is actually one of the key benefits, particularly in the mortgage and business loan industries. Because a soft pull does not place a hard inquiry on the customer's credit file, there will be no triggers activated. Ready to Get Started? View ...
    • Does a soft pull place an inquiry on the customer's credit?

      No and yes. There are two types of inquiries: hard and soft inquiries. Hard inquiries are what people typically think of when they think of inquiries. They are the ones FICO uses to calculate a credit score and have a tendency to lower your score. ...