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Business Requirements to Use iSoftpull

This article reviews general requirements to access credit. reports through iSoftpull. These are requirements set by Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian that iSoftpull follows.  In short, iSoftpull provides credit reports to businesses in good standing with their state, who pull credit for the purpose of financing, and that have an office with the means to securely store and destroy credit reports. 

  1. Permissible Purpose Requirements
  2. Scope of Business
  3. Business Requirements
  4. Office Requirements
  5. Unauthorized Business Types

Permissible Purpose

The first requirement to use iSoftpull is what is know as permissible purpose. This is the article under the Fair Credit Reporting Act that Authorizes certain businesses to pull consumer credit reports. Though there are many different permissible purposes, iSoftpull requires its endusers to fall under FCRA 15 U.S. Code § 1681b - Permissible purposes of consumer reports (a)(2) in accordance with the written instructions of the consumer to whom it relates.

In short, what this means is each credit report ran through the iSoftpull platform requires the consumer to consent to the credit pull. Written instructions can be given on a traditional paper application, online through a form, or over the phone on a recorded line. All written instructions must be stored for 5 years, and must be able to be submitted to iSoftpull if audited. Each bureau randomly selects credit pulls from end users once or twice a year, so this is paramount.

Scope of Business

iSoftpull limits its customer base to end users who have a desire to pull their customer's credit for the purpose of evaluating creditworthiness for financing or tenant screening (exceptions can be made with approval). Our customers do not necessarily have to be the lender; they may be a lead generator, broker, arranger of credit, or the lender. Basically, anywhere in the sales cycle of financing, lending, or extensions of credit. 

Business Requirements

All customers must provide iSoftpull verification that their entity is is good standing with their relative state (submit business license, articles of incorporations, or trade license) bank verifications (submit bank statement, though account numbers may be redacted), phone verifications (business listing in a reputable directory such as Google, Yellow Pages, etc).  

Office Requirements

All end users (with exception to FDIC insured banks, and franchise auto dealers) must conduct an onsite inspection. We will send a representative to your place of business to verify your company is doing what you say your doing, that you have the means to securely store and destroy credit reports (file cabinet and paper shredder), and that your company does not share space with any other company.

Unauthorized Business Types

Even if your business meets the above requirements, iSoftpull is prohibited from doing business with teh following business types:
    1. Adoption search Firms
    2. Adult entertainment service of any kind
    3. Asset location service
    4. Attorney or Law Firm engaged in the practice of law,
      1. TU Exception: unless engaged in collection or using the report concerning a consumer bankruptcy pursuant to the written authorization of the consumer.
    5. Bail Bondsman or Bounty Hunter
    6. Companies that handle 3rd party repossessions
    7. Companies that charge advance fees for debt or mortgage assistance relief (excluding refinancing of a dwelling loan or services offered by attorneys)
    8. Check cashing company
    9. Child support or location service (i.e. company that locates missing children)
    10. Credit counseling
    11. Credit repair clinic
    12. Debt Settlement Companies
    13. Dating service
    14. Financial counseling,
      1. Exception: except a registered securities broker dealer or a certified financial planner
    15. Foreign company or agency of a foreign government
    16. Future services (i.e., health clubs, continuity clubs, etc.), except health clubs (spas) human resource departments for employment screening and Fraud Services for fraud detection purposes
    17. Home owners associations
    18. Internet People Locater Services
    19. Law enforcement agency
    20. Loan Modification Companies
    21. Massage service
    22. Media agencies, news agencies or journalists
    23. News agency or journalist
    24. Pawn shop
    25. Private detective, detective agency or investigative company
    26. Repossession company
      Subscriptions (magazines, book clubs, record clubs, etc.)
    27. Spiritual counseling
      Tattoo service
    28. Weapons dealer, seller or distributor
    29. Other Resellers
    30. Any company or individual listed on the Departments of Commerce, State and the Treasury lists Export website 

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