Credit Report and Score View API

Overview - Credit Report and Score View API


The Credit Report and Score View API enables businesses, CRMs, and other software applications to initiate credit pulls, and to view credit reports and scores inside of their current software. The benefit of this API is your employees and users will not need to log in and out of our software to access credit data.  When put into production, to run a credit report using this API your user will click a button in your CRM/Software, send iSoftpull your clients PII, and iSoftpull will we return back a hyperlink to their credit report. The link will be stored in your software. Though the link will be accessible in your software, when you click the link a new tab or pop up will initiate and you will immediately direct to your customer's credit report housed on our servers and protected by our state-of-the-art security. The reason this API is so valuable is because most software applications do not meet the security requirements to house and store credit data. To be eligible to house and store credit data, the software must have a current SOC2 Type 2, ISO 27001 or PCI DSS Independent audit completed before access may be given. If your proposed software has a current audit report from one of the previously mentioned standards, feel free to check out this article and implement our Full Feed API. 

Credit Report and Score View

  1. Pull Credit from your CRM, LOS, Unique Software
  2. View Credit Reports and Scores from your CRM, LOS, Unique Software
  3. Single Sign on for eligible software programs
  4. Easy to set up 
  5. Simple API Documentation
  6. Sand Box Environment
  7. Does not require security questionnaire

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