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Editing Intelligence

Once an applicant has been processed and an Intelligence has been associated to them, the score limit on the associated Intelligence may not be modified. This is required because you would not want to have a number of applicants in iSoftpull stating they are qualified for a certain Intelligence when they are actually not because they were processed before a score limit modification. As such, we will describe how to edit and what may be edited in two categories: first when an Intelligence has been created but an applicant not processed and second when an Intelligence has been created and an applicant has been associated with the Intelligence.

Before Applicants Associated:
  1. You can edit or delete the Intelligence
  2. You can modify the score limit
  3. Modify the Intelligence name
  4. Modify the Intelligence messaging
  5. Edit the Bureaus
You can edit, modify, or delete any Intelligence settings before an applicant has been associated.

After Applicants Associated:
  1. You can NOT change the following
    1. Credit bureau
    2. Use type (applicant facing or employee facing)
    3. Score model
    4. Score limit
    5. You may not delete the Intelligence
  1. You may modify the following:
    1. Intelligence Name
    2. Active and inactive status
    3. Messaging
    4. Redirects
    5. Sharing

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