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End User Agreement

Attached is the end-user agreement all clients are required to sign in order to get access to TransUnion, Equifax, Experian, and FICO®. Getting started with iSoftpull is quick and easy, simply pick your pricing plan and complete the online checkout! 

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    • Onsite Inspection Policy

      An on-site inspection must be performed at the principal place of business of all End Users, except as set forth below. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the End User’s business facility is commensurate with the size and purported type ...
    • New Customer Credentialing Policy

      The purpose of the iSoftpull Credentialing Policy is to result in the screening of prospective End Users and the verification of both the End Users’ identities and the certifications made by such End Users including, but not limited to, permissible ...
    • Consumer Dispute Policy

      In the event that a consumer reaches out to you (the end-user company) because they suspect they are a victim of identity theft/fraud OR they need to file a credit report dispute, please direct them to iSoftpull’s dispute page at ...
    • Online Consent Forms

      All soft credit checks generated require the consumer's permission to do so. Capturing consent using iSoftpull, is a quick and easy process. We offer a variety of consent methods whether it be over the phone, in person, or online. Check out the ...
    • Onboarding Mode and Account Set Up

      As soon as you have completed your end user agreements and we have ordered your onsite inspection, you will be given access to the platform in our "Onboarding Mode". You will know if your are in onboarding mode because there is a green banner across ...