ID Scan | Equifax Add On

ID Scan | Equifax Add On

Quickly identify suspicious activity to reduce fraud losses

Businesses are challenged with detecting ever more prevalent identity theft as well as more sophisticated application fraud. You need a comprehensive solution that begins with quickly identifying suspicious information and known fraud. Identity Scan is the first step in identifying fraudulent activity such as fraud victim alerts, misused Social Security numbers, hot addresses, and suspicious phone numbers.

Equifax fraud screening solutions leverage more than a dozen up-to-date public and proprietary database sources to effectively detect potential identity theft and application fraud. Effective screening is the critical first step in leveraging the Equifax fraud suite to further interrogate and identify suspicious activity.

Identity Scan features and benefits


  • Industry-leading databases for identifying attempted application fraud and identity theft

  • Detailed alerts to enable further investigation of an identity

  • Detailed tracking reports

  • Identity Scan forms part of a complete application fraud solution, beginning with fraud screening and continuing through to identity authentication


  • Leverage over a dozen public and proprietary databases for catching potentially fraudulent activity early in the application process

  • Enables tracking of suspicious application trends for fraud management and regulatory compliance

  • Facilitates compliance with USA PATRIOT Act Red Flag

Identity Scan Warning Codes

  1. Fraud and Active Duty Alerts
  2. SSN Reported Misused
  3. Address Reported Misused
  4. Address is a Nonresidential
  5. Hot Addresses
  6. Commercial Phone
  7. SSN Reported Deceased
  8. SSN Invalid 

Identity Scan alerts



Possible reasons


Fraud victim alert present in database

Consumer has a fraud victim alert present on file.


Active duty alert present in database

Consumer has an active duty alert present on file.


Inquiry SSN reported as deceased and last name does not match

Inquiry last name does not match the last name reported as deceased by the Social Security Administration.


Inquiry SSN associated with person reported as deceased

The Social Security Administration reports that death benefits are being paid or have been paid on the inquiry SSN.


Inquiry SSN may be a tax ID number

Consumer may be trying to use an individual tax ID number (ITIN) to establish credit.


Inquiry SSN is invalid

• Inquiry SSN falls into ranges indicated as invalid by the Social Security Administration. • Inquiry SSN is formatted as a four digit SSN search.


Inquiry SSN has never been issued or was issued after June 2011

• The Social Security Administration has not issued the inquiry SSN as of the inquiry date. • Consumer is using a Canadian Social Insurance Number.
• Consumer is trying to create a new identity.
• Consumer has a SSN issued after implementation of SSN randomization in June 2011.


Inquiry SSN issued recently

• Consumer is using a minor’s SSN. • Consumer is a new US citizen.


Inquiry SSN issued prior to inquiry date of birth

Inquiry date of birth is younger than the SSN issue date.


Inquiry SSN reported as misused

Inquiry SSN has been reported in connection with suspicious or fraudulent activity.


Inquiry address associated with reported fraud

Inquiry address has been reported as used to perpetrate fraud.


Inquiry address is listed as a correctional institution address

• One of inquiry addresses is listed as a correctional institution. Consumer may be incarcerated.

• Consumer is employed by a correctional institution and is using a business address.


Inquiry address is not associated with this consumer name

Inquiry address is not associated with the inquiry name in Equifax databases.


Inquiry address is listed as a mail receiving service

Inquiry address is listed as a mail receiving service.


Inquiry address is listed as a hotel/motel

Inquiry address is listed as a hotel/motel.


Inquiry address is listed as a campground

Inquiry address is listed as a campground.


Inquiry address is listed as a U.S. Post Office street address

• Consumer is renting Post Office box and provided the street address. • Consumer has no home or business address.


Inquiry address is listed as a non-residential address

Inquiry address is listed as a business such as a check cashing facility, a telephone answering service, or a storage facility.


Inquiry address is listed as a multi-dwelling unit

Address standardization has identified the inquiry address as a multi-family dwelling unit.


Inquiry address has been reported as misused

Inquiry address has been reported as used to commit fraud.


Inquiry address associated with more than one name or SSN

• Inquiry address has been used to commit fraud.
• Consumer is using a nickname.
• Consumers with multiple surnames reside at the address.


Inquiry address unverifiable

Inquiry address could not be standardized using address standardization software. The address may not exist, or insufficient information was provided to resolve to a unique location instead of multiple matches.


Inquiry telephone number listed as a commercial phone

Inquiry telephone listed as a commercial number.


Inquiry telephone number may belong to a mobile phone

Inquiry telephone identified as existing within a mobile phone number range.


Unable to perform SSN validation due to insufficient SSN input

Inquiry SSN is incomplete, or is not a valid format.


Unable to perform telephone validation due to insufficient telephone input

Inquiry telephone number is incomplete, or is not a valid format.


Identity Scan did not detect any alerts

Identity Scan checks were performed, and no alerts were detected.


Incomplete scan - limited data sources available

One or more Identity Scan sources were unavailable. Accordingly, one or more checks could not be performed.

Smart growth with less fraud

Grow your business and maximize revenue without needlessly slowing down business processes.

You want to make life easy for your legitimate customers, while managing your fraud cost. However, recognizing fraudsters at the point of application is not an easy task. Mitigating risk and meeting regulatory requirements involves multiple challenges:

• Are the claims this person is making accurate?
• Do suspicious patterns suggest this application may be attempted fraud? • Is this a real person?
• Is this person who they claim to be?
• Is the identity stolen?

Now you can effectively identify fraud more easily with Equifax’s suite of fraud prevention solutions. The Equifax Identity Suite scales to meet your business needs, and seamlessly integrates into your account opening processes. Equifax offers you insightful data and predictive analytics, all delivered through flexible decisioning technology.

The Equifax Identity Suite leverages products such as Identity Scan, Account Verify, SSN Affirm and eID, which can all be tailored to fit your business needs.

Equifax has extensive experience working across multiple industries to help customers to optimize their fraud prevention approaches. We will work with you to recommend the right mix of functionality appropriate for your environment and level of risk to prevent fraud and minimize abandonment.

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