Income Estimator | Debt-to-Income Estimator | Transunion Add On

Income Estimator | Debt-to-Income Estimator | Transunion Add On

Better predict a consumer’s ability to pay and strengthen your strategies.

Improve marketing segmentation and understand potential risk at every stage of the customer lifecycle—from acquisition to account management to collections—with our highly advanced new income estimator tool.

This enhanced solution is built on the enriched data and analytics of TransUnion CreditVision,®featuring monthly spend data and up to 30months of extended account history. The model was validated using verified Adjusted Gross Income as reported on the Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (whether filed jointly or separately). The result? A much more accurate view of a consumer’s total income.

Get the predictive power you need to make better decisions 

Income predicted by CreditVision Income Estimator corresponds very closely with actual joint income.

A broader view of income means deeper insight for you. Our model goes far beyond wages and salaries to capture multiple income sources, including:
→ Investment income
→ Alimony
→ Business income
→ IRA distributions
→ Pensions and annuities
→ Real estate income
→ Unemployment compensation
→ Social Security benefits

Estimate total income and debt levels with greater accuracy.

CreditVision Income Estimator and Debt-to-Income Estimator provide a more predictive and more complete picture of your customers and prospects. 



Uses individual-level CreditVision data and estimates Adjusted
Gross Income as reported on the Form 1040 U.S. Income Tax Return (whether filing jointly or individually) 

Aggregates current debt on the credit file and compares it to monthly estimated income to generate a debt-to-income ratio 

Model design 

Segmentation scheme consisting of five scorecards based on credit lines, length of experience, historical credit card balances, and recent credit card revolving/ transacting behavior. Contains predictive elements for different income ranges.

Uses Income Estimator results to calculate monthly income. Sums total monthly minimum debt payments using credit file data including mortgage, installment and revolving accounts; also includes authorized user debt.

Minimum scoring criteria 

Have at least one tradeline (account) AND Cannot be flagged as deceased 

Have at least one tradeline (account) AND Cannot be flagged as deceased 

Output value and range 

In thousands: representing the income estimate truncated to the nearest thousands, across 12 income ranges (A-L) 

 %: representing the estimated debt-to-income ratio 

Improve targeting—including at both ends of the income spectrum.
The demonstrated predict- ability of the model allows you to identify the most appropriate consumers for your campaigns, enabling you to better identify potential risk while increasing response rates.

In a sample of income estimates evaluated by TransUnion:
• 76% of consumers placed at $200,000 or more actually had incomes of at least $150,000
• 75% of consumers placed at $100,000 or more actually had incomes of at least $80,000
• 98% of consumersplaced at $30,000 or less actually had incomes of less than $40,000

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