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Intelligence - Setup Instructions

The article reviews how to set up Intelligence using iSoftpull.

Step 1. Set up your credit bureau, score limits, and purpose.

First, click the Intelligence tab on the left-hand side of the screen and then click the add new intelligence plus sign icon on the far right-hand side. Name your Intelligence, select which bureau and score model you would like to apply, input the lowest qualifying score limit, and whether the Intelligence is intended to be used in an applicant facing or employee facing form. Click next. 
Select the intelligence tab
Initial Configuration

Step 2. Customize & Select the Redirect URLs and Messaging. 

iSoftpull intelligence messaging and URL configuration instructs what the form should do once a credit pull has been has occurred. Two unique methods can be applied: 1. URL Redirects 2. Messages.

URL Redirects simply do just that; redirect the applicant or employee to a specific URL dependent on whether or not the applicant meets or exceeds the Score Limit criteria. The success URL input is where the applicant will be directed if the client meets or exceeds the relevant Score Limit. The No Offers Matched URL  input is where the applicant will be directed if the client does not meet relevant Score Limit. Often our clients will direct their client to specific webpages dependent on their credit qualification, and through URL redirects, this can be accomplished. By layering on Google Tag Manager or Facebook Pixel on URLS, our endusers optimize their digital marketing campaigns by firing conversions on specific URLS which are accessed by Score Limit criteria, among other metrics.  

Messages on the other hand, enable iSoftpull customers to display specific messages, and link the consumer to the next step in their application process (dependent on their credit score) right within the iSoftpull form. Messages include 5 unique inputs and are discussed below:

Title: The Headline of the message - Use this field to inform your clients whether or not they have been prequalified. 

Body: Use this field to inform your client on what to do next. Organizations whose employees each have their own calendar, application, and webpage urls can use our # Employee Linking Systems in the body to ensure the correct employee's clients are directed to their specific urls.  

Button Copy: The text displayed on the call to action button. Use ths text to tell your customer what they shoufl do next! For example, "Apply Now", "Schedule Meeting", etc...

Default Button URL: the URL the button will go to, unless a subsequent Button URL is provided as described below

Button Url: Each employee has 3 URL inputs in each of their profiles. This is known at the Employee Linking System. URL inputs are  Calendar, Application, and Profile. Select this option if you want to direct customers to one of the URLS in the Employee Linking System. The Button URL will override the default URL, if (and only if) the Employee has updated their relevant URL in their Employee Linking System. If they have not, the default URL will be applied. 

Click Save. 

URL Redirects & Messaging


Step 3. Assign to iSoftpull Users. 

Once you have created your Intelligence, it's time to share your Intelligence with your users! Use the share button on the right hand side of each intelligence to enable your team's access to it.  To make your compliance manager's day, Intelligence and its associated messaging can only be created and modified by Managers, Administrators and Super Administrators of iSoftpull.

Step 4. Implementation. 

Repeat this process multiple times to create unique messaging for each credit pre-qualification level necessary, and for each marketing campaign you may have. For example, you may have the exact same credit qualification levels for your Google and Facebook campaigns, but you may want unique messaging due to the unique audiences you are targeting. 

Step 5. Implementation. 

Intelligence is implemented through Forms, APIs, and internally in iSoftpull.  Please read these articles on their relative implementation. 

If you are a current client and have questions or would like to request training/support, please email or click the button below.

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