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API Set Up

The purpose of this article is to explain how to set up an Intelligence Indicator or Credit Report and Score View API in iSoftpull.  To view the API documentation use this link

Step 1.

Consent Confirmation - Confirm you will receive consent from your customer on all credit reports ran through the API. 

Step 2.

Configure your API - Select whether  you will be using the Intelligence Indicator, Credit Report and Score View, or both APIs and select if you want to run hard or soft pulls (note: Intelligence Indicator can only be used with soft pulls). 
API Configuration

Step 3. 

Intelligence Indicator Set Up (if applicable) - First you need to set up your Intelligence. Select which of your Intelligence you would like to include if your waterfall, and prioritize them to your suitability. If the client processed meets the score limit criteria of the relevant intelligence, that Intelligence will be associated with the client. 

For example, in image one below, Tier 1 is set as Priority 1, Tier 2 is set as Priority 2, and Tier 3 is set as Priority 3. In this example, if the client had a 751 credit score on TransUnion FICO® 4, the API would associate Tier 1,  if the client had a 686 credit score on TransUnion FICO® 4 the API would associate Tier 2,  if the client had a 585 credit score on TransUnion Vantage Score 4 the API would associate Tier 3. Conversely, in image 2 you will see that the Tier 3 Intelligence with Vantage Score 4 is set at the highest priority. If this were the configuration, even if the clients credit score came back at 800, the Tier 3 Intelligence with Vantage Score 4 would come back as the Intelligence won because it was set to the highest priority.  Only the name of the highest priority Intelligence passed will be sent though the API. 
Image 1
Image 2

Step 4.

Select the Bureaus to View in the Credit Report and Score View API  and click save.
Selet Bureaus

Step 5.

Create API Tokens - Click on the Credentials tab to create your API Key ID and Secret Access Token (Keys must be updated every 90 days. You can create 3 at a time to keep APIs always active and live)
New API Key

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