What information is on a soft pull?

What information is on a soft pull?

A pre-qualification soft pull contains the exact same information as a hard pull, its just a soft pull.

Data Includes:
  1. Credit Score
  2. Address History
  3. Employment History
  4. Tradelines (What information is on a tradeline?
  5. Collections
  6. Public Records
  7. Inquiries

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    • Can a soft pull replace a hard pull?

      A soft pull can not replace a hard pull. At the end of the day, when a bank or lender closes on a loan a hard pull still must be done. Whats the point of the soft pull then you may ask? A soft pull is used at the beginning of the sales cycles to ...
    • How accurate are soft pulls?

      The information on a soft pull is the exact same information on a hard pull. There is no difference in the underlying data; the difference is in the intent of the pull. A soft pull is used for pre-qualification, whereas a hard pull is used for ...
    • Sample Soft Credit Checks

      Attached are sample reports for TransUnion and Equifax soft credit checks. It is important to note that the attached reports are fictitious personas intended to give you an idea type of data that is available on a soft credit check report. Included ...
    • Are soft pulls less expensive than a hard pull?

      Yes. A soft pull is generally much less expensive than a hard pull. Ready to Get Started? View Pricing & Pick Your Plan Need Assistance? Submit a Ticket or Call Us at (760) 579-6171 Access Your Account Login to iSoftpull iSoftpull (760) 579-6171 2270 ...
    • Does a soft pull set off trigger leads?

      No. That is actually one of the key benefits, particularly in the mortgage and business loan industries. Because a soft pull does not place a hard inquiry on the customer's credit file, there will be no triggers activated. Ready to Get Started? View ...